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We are an early stage investor and partner. If you have a great idea but lack technology expertise or resources you should speak with us.


We invest our development resources and cash in promising start-ups in exchange for equity. We reduce risk and help you focus on developing your business by providing you with an expert technology team from day one.

Our parent, AUG Global, and our portfolio of companies have an extensive IP library, strong market knowledge and unrivaled technology expertise in sectors such as Data Science & Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Online Gaming, and others.


We aim to be a partner to our portfolio of companies rather then just an investor. We invest in a limited number of start-ups to ensure we have the ability, resource and time to support their development. We don't commit to partnerships unless we  truly believe we can provide the relevant expertise and build the product or service better then anyone else.



We are looking for promising start-ups with exceptional teams who know their industry and understand their market. We invest in companies who want a partner rather then just an investor.


Data Science & Intelligence,

Predictive Analytics, AI,

Augmented Reality, Digital Health, FinTech, Web 2.0,

Online Gaming


We invest globally but our primary geographies of focus are: US, European Union, Canada, Israel and Ukraine


We invest $50k-$200k in a mixture of time, development resources and cash.



We have helped a number of start-ups develop their products and bring them to market successfully.


We like to utilize synergies between the companies in our portfolio and often see them working together on different aspects of their products and services.


Onseo is a producer and supplier of gaming related software. From idea hunting, concepts and storyboarding to full back-end development and continuous Improvement, they cover the full spectrum of services and products in online gaming.



If you would like to share your idea with us, please email the relevant contact for your region.

Alex Ousach

CEO and Chief Investment Officer

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in building and delivering technology products and services. He is the co-founder of Playtika and a number of other technology companies with highly successful exits.


Alex is also the CEO and Chairman of AUG.Global, a 2000 people strong technology holding with offices in the UK, US, Israel, Ukraine and Portugal.


Alex Kolt

Alex has over 20 years of experience as a technology executive in Sillicon Valley. He held senior management positions in Internet/E-Commerce with E&Y and KPMG before serving as COO and CEO of several international software and outsourcing services companies.


Alex is highly experienced in negotiating and executing technology software & services M&A, JVs, Carve Outs and Partnerships worldwide.


Kiril Tasseff

Kiril is the Head of Strategy for our parent AUG Global. He has a background in banking, having worked in the areas of Corporate Development, Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury and Risk for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

At AUG Ventures, Kiril works on the development of our startups focusing on the areas of finance and strategic planning.


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